Five Signs That You Need to Consider Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is quite literally what the rest of the structure is built upon. If your foundation is starting to shift or deteriorate, it can lead to a lot of different problems. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the five most common signs indicating that you need to invest in foundation repair immediately to save your home.

Foundation Repair Sign #1: Visible Foundation Cracks

The first sign to look out for is visible cracks. Any jagged or uneven cracks in your drywall are a sign that your foundation has started to settle or shift under your home. When a foundation shifts, the walls will begin to weaken and display these visual cracks.

Sign #2: Damage to Your Roof

The second sign that foundation repair is needed is your roof. It’s sometimes easier to notice issues with the foundation from the roof. This is true because when your foundation shifts, your roof line will no longer be even. Doing a visual inspection of your roof by walking around your home is one sure-fire way to know that it’s time to call for a foundation inspection.

Foundation Repair Sign #3: Doors and Windows That Stick

The third sign that you may be experiencing foundation issues happens around your doors and windows. When your home is on the level, all doors and windows should open and close easily under minimal pressure. When you experience difficulty in opening or closing them, it’s a sign that your home may have shifted and resulted in warping at the frames.

Sign #4: Brick and Mortar Cracking

The fourth sign to look out for applies to brick homes. If your home contains brick portions, look for foundation issues in the mortar between the bricks. This damage occurs when the foundation is weakened, causing the bricks to separate. Since the mortar is used to join the bricks together, it is the first part to fail.

Foundation Repair Sign #5: Flooring Changes

The fifth sign to look out for happens to your floors, especially if your home has a shallow slab foundation. Pay attention to the cracks that might appear in your floor spaces. Deep cracks need to be patched immediately. This can to help mitigate more severe spreading.

D.O.N.E. ATL: Your Foundation Repair Dream Team

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