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Mold Remediation

An industry leader, D.O.N.E. ATL serves the Atlanta metropolitan area and surrounding counties—Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee, Henry, DeKalb, Forsyth, Paulding, Gwinnett, Clayton and more. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification—IICRC is the recognized authority for disaster recovery and remediation. Our technicians help to remove the source(s)s of moisture and then get to work on cleaning your residential or commercial property to it’s pre-mold status as quickly as possible.

Our training program ensures our technicians are the most qualified and knowledgeable in Atlanta. We remain up to date on the newest technologies in our field and are fully equipped to handle any mold problem in any type of building. Our goal is to make remediation as quick and painless for our customers as possible.

We receive dozens of calls every week from clients who think they have mold but can’t see it. We offer several Mold Inspection Packages starting as low as $195. Call today for and ask about our Mold Testing Packages.

The Mold Inspection Process

We remediate your mold problem and ensure the health and safety of your building inhabitants by taking the following steps:

Assess the Mold

We fully investigate the extent of mold penetration by inspecting your property, including:

  • Interior and Exterior Air Sampling – Air Samples are taken in the suspect areas to identify if mold exists, and the species we are dealing
  • Interior – HVAC units, water heaters, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, garages, basements, ductwork, wall cavities, areas behind wallpaper, etc.
  • Exterior – Roof, gutters and downspouts, entrance ways, door jambs, window sills, basement exterior walls, etc.

Develop a Remediation Strategy

We develop a plan of attack by:

  • Isolating the contaminated parts of the residence or business with protective barriers and exit chambers
  • Doing negative-pressure testing to verify air containment
  • Discovering the source of moisture using thermal imaging to assess how mold growth started
  • Identifying salvageable contents and setting them aside for cleaning
  • Doing pack-out and storage, if needed
  • Providing you and your insurance company, as needed, with an estimate using the Xactimate® software
  • Removing unsalvageable materials and items that cannot be restored or cleaned effectively, such as drywall, insulation, furnishings, papers and other contaminated items

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Once the water source is stopped, the mold species is identified, and a protocol is in place, we are ready to perform the remediation process:

Safely and Effectively Remove Mold from Your Residence or Business

Our technicians have extensive training and experience in removing mold from any surface by:

  • Using specialized tools that filter spores on affected walls and surfaces
  • Sanding infested wood with a HEPA-filtered machine
  • Removing mold spores using EPA-approved tools and products, including a HEPA vacuum
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing furnishings, carpets, drapes and other belongings using approved detergents and antimicrobials
  • Cleaning HVAC units
  • Damp-wiping surfaces and fixtures with effective cleaning agents
  • Applying a protective seal to prevent regrowth

Eliminate Dampness and Humidity

We ensure the environment is suitable for residents and employees by:

  • Placing fans, air movers, electric panels and dehumidifiers
  • Letting in sunlight and fresh, dry air
  • Installing infrared cameras and hygrometers to check for residual dampness behind walls, under subfloors, in attics and anyplace mold can grow

Perform Restoration

Restoration is completed by:

  • Inspecting your property for any remaining signs of mold or moisture
  • Assisting you in returning all belongings from storage, if needed
  • Disposing of contaminants and any remaining hazardous materials
  • Returning for a final inspection to ensure your building is completely dry and mold-free
  • Retreating any remaining areas of moisture or mold infestation

Support Insurance Claims

We help you get any settlement you are entitled to by:

  • Taking photos of the infested areas and contents before and after cleaning and remediation
  • Documenting the damage and detailing our cleanup and restoration processes
  • Storing our notes and photos online so you and your insurer have full access to claim information

If you are experiencing mold in your residence or commercial facility in the Atlanta metropolitan area, our company is ready to help.

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