The D.O.N.E. ATL Difference

D.O.N.E. ATL is an enigma in the Atlanta business community. We have incorporated three distinctly different industries under one banner. Many of our competitors either do just emergency drying, just mold remediation or just waterproofing. We believe that if you are going to be in the water business, then you should be into it completely! When you hire us, we are with you from start to finish. We are able to solve all your needs!

D.O.N.E. ATL will never sell you a waterproofing solution that only works part of the time. A dirty little secret in the waterproofing industry is that many companies will sell you a sump pump that only works when the electricity is on. While this may work somewhere else on the planet (like many of these big franchise/network companies are used to) our experience (after nearly 30 years in the ATL) has taught us that when it rains the electricity usually goes out! While others then use it as an opportunity to upsell a customer, we prefer NOT to do business that way!

Our reputation in the community, construction industry, and the business world has made our company a household name.

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